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Nasa Software Catalogue 2023/2024

I just thought i would share this little gem with you all!

I if you are into engineering, research, development, this may be of interest to you as well – the open catalogue of software in a wide range of areas.

“The 2023-2024 Software Catalog is Here!
Each year, NASA scientists, engineers, and developers create software packages to manage space missions, test spacecraft, and analyze the petabytes of data produced by agency research satellites. As the agency innovates for the benefit of humanity, many of these programs are now downloadable and free of charge through NASA’s Software Catalog.”


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When things go untested…

This shows the importance of fundamental testing of code in Dev and Staging, BEFORE pushing to prod,
no matter the urgency, unless you are absolutely sure it will work and it is an emergency, or, of course,
you are out of options and ready to take the risk of burning down the house…

What could possibly go wrong, right?