The Simple Monitoring Proxy for your needs.

Are you looking to monitor the execution of a shellscript or an application, a cron job, or anything else
that is virtually impossible to monitor by normal means via your normal Nagios, Zabbix or similar monitoring solution?

You want something that is easy to work with, both on the monitoring solution and in the script?
Assume you have a script named “ExchangeRates”, and you wish to tell if it worked fine or not,
and it runs on a daily basis, and you need to know that it did run OK.

In the script or the application, it would be as easy as:

curl -s -H “Authorization: Basic dGVzdDp0ZXN0”

From Nagios?

curl -s -H “Authorization: Basic dGVzdDp0ZXN0”

Implementing the calls in any other language is as easy, as all calls are standard HTTP GET calls.
No post or other rest complexity.

We run it as a service – €1 per 10 monitor ID items and month.

You want to permanently self-host with unlimited items?
On your own hardware, it is a one-off purchase of €1000 for the server software with 1 year updates.
The server software uses MySQL as database backend.
System requirements: Linux (Centos 7+), MySQL 5+