CallMe – Monitoring Proxy

The Simple Monitoring Proxy and data-store for many of your needs.

Update! 2023-10-25 – Version 1.2 available.

Are you looking to monitor the execution of a shellscript, an application, a cron job, a lambda function or anything else that is virtually impossible to monitor by normal means via your normal Nagios, Zabbix or similar monitoring solution as it runs on-demand, has no state retention or you have no way of communicating with it from the monitoring system?

Then… You need Callme! 
It allows you to easily drop message from your app, that can be monitored by the monitoring app, and not just the state of the last execution, but the time when it last ran. The app can add additional information that can be easily retrieved  by the monitoring system.

It provides the scripts with an intermediate solution that can answer on it’s behalf, all the time it is not running, and technically, could even be used to act as a synchronizing source/messenger between scripts. Your use cases will likely find uses we have not thought of, and we would like to hear from you on these.

How does it work? 

In simple terms:

The focus is on simplicity of use.
Implementing the calls in any language is as easy as making a HTTPS GET call.
No posts or other rest complexity, to update or get information – it was built for simplicity!

Version 1.2 – the new release, with added extras!
Do you need to have a simple way of storing data, states, sharing info between apps, or synchronize them?

Look no further…
It has a JSON data-store, where you can store and retrieve JSON structures / data using simple get calls,
apart from the standard monitoring features.


such as: https://<yourdomain>/api/monitor/set/<id>/a.b.c?value=1

and to retrieve the data, you simply do

This feature enables any of your applications, scripts, …. to have a persistent datastore, without a database or file system.

Hosting and pricing options:

  • Cloud (shared hosting)
    As a service, we start at €1 per 10 monitor ID items and month. 

    Need more users and ID’s?  Not a problem. Volume discounts are available. 
  • Self-Hosting:
    You want to run it in your own infrastructure? Of course! No problem!
    We can provide it as a self-hosted solution with updates.
    You run it on a Linux Centos7+ server or as a docker image with a file store for the monitoring data.
    A one-off purchase with 1 year support, unlimited calls and ID’s is €1000. 
  • Self-Hosting with source code?
    So you want/need to look at the code or maintain it yourself?

    That can be arranged too.
    Give us a shout, and we will discuss.

System requirements – 

  • Linux (tested on Centos (Redhat))
  • 1 core, 2G Ram
  • MySQL 5.6+ / MariaDB 10+

System recommendation (self-hosted)

  • Linux Centos Stream 8 / Redhat, or any similar recent generation distribution or docker capable.
  • 2 core, 2G Ram, disk use is minimal. (<50M for application, additional space for logs.)
  • MySQL 5.6+ / MariaDB 10+

Service requirements

  • SSL certificate for the selected domain
    Wildcard certificate accepted.

Future planned (so far…) improvements in a near future: 

  • Self-monitoring Conditional alerts with webhook calls.
  • Self-monitoring Conditional alerts with integration to JIRA to create tickets.
  • Self-monitoring Conditional alerts with integration to Slack for alerts.

If you have ideas of improvements or functionality, talk to us..